Hagoyah is Holistic Beauty

[huh-goi-yuh] Holistic Beauty is a combination of qualities. it embraces color, shape, form, texture, depth, & balance.

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Enlightening Massage and Facials

Aveda Skin-Care and Body Care merges science, art, and beauty to create an unforgettable wellness experience designed just for you.


Even with meditation and mindfulness, nirvana can be hard to achieve if you have split ends and screaming roots.

Make a Reservation

We now have memberships! $100 a month gets you unlimited yoga, your choice of massage or facial once a month and 10% off to spend in the style studio on services or products.

The Yoga Den

Best of by KC's Pitch Weekly for best Yoga Studio 2016! All of our classes are $5!

Hottest salon in Waldo!!! …. "Thank you to such a talented, kind, accommodating, and above beyond professional team. I am filled with a warm fuzzy feeling courtesy of this amazing staff."