holistic beauty


The more we practice self-care, we become better, kinder humans, by being better and kinder to ourselves first.  Remember back in the day when our grandmothers got their hairs did once a week?!?  homegirl never missed that appointment.  

We need to make more appointments with ourselves, for ourselves.  




Change your hair, change your life!
Even with meditation and mindfulness, nirvana can be hard to achieve if you have split ends.  Enter Hagoyah, a holistic salon that’s a little bit granola with a whole lot of glamour.

You won’t find any cooker-cutter notions of beauty here, —our highly trained style guru’s incorporate and enhance each individual’s unique characteristics. That means you’ll walk out looking like your best self instead of someone else. And because we customize each service to the individual, you’ll be able to maintain that look outside the salon, too.


Affordable and accessible yoga for everyone

All of our classes are super-chill and only $5-$7.  Yep, five on it is all you need for your first class and to invest in yourself!  We also have lots of other fun things happening in our Yoga Den and style studio on the regular!


Find balance in ways to treat yourself, through various massage, facials and healing arts.   






Make a standing appointment with yourself by becoming a Hagoyah Member.  

Hagoyah member’s enjoy unlimited yoga, a monthly 60 minute massage or facial, discounts on workshops and style studio services and products.