Hagoyah is Holistic Beauty

[huh-goi-yuh] Holistic Beauty is a combination of qualities. It enhances and embraces: color, shape, form, texture, depth, character and wellness.

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Join us every Saturday at 10:00 AM for a super fun donation class in the park. YES, Yoga in the Park!! Sunnyside Park in Waldo

Color Bar

Enjoy Custom Color Cocktail hand crafted just for you!


Our Wash-House is life-changing.

Yoga Den

$5 Yoga on Wednesdays! Every class, every Wednesday! Join us for our annual Yoga Flash Mob to celebrate Yoga Month on Saturday, September 20th. We will be meeting at Hagoyah at 1:00 and heading over to our Flash-Mobbing Location! :) It's fun for everyone!

Hottest salon in Waldo!!! …. "Thank you to such a talented, kind, accommodating, and above beyond professional team. I am filled with a warm fuzzy feeling courtesy of this amazing staff."