• Hagoyah?

    Posted on September 6, 2012 by HagoyaH in Blog.

    What is Hagoyah?

    It is Holistic Beauty.
    Holistic Beauty is a combination of qualities.
    It enhances and embraces color, shape, form,
    texture, character and wellness.
    Beauty .  Body  .  Balance
    Your beauty regimen should embody all aspects;
    including wellness, and lifestyle.
    Beauty .  Body  .  Balance
    Supermodel (and avid Yogi), Christy Turlington
    has been quoted saying,
    “I feel sincerely that beauty largely comes from within.”
    We couldn’t agree more!  We also feel that practicing Yoga plays a big role in making one feel beautiful, in addition to all of the other wonderful benefits Yoga has to offer.
    It’s true, being a bit granola, is way glamorous!
    Beauty .  Body  .  Balance
    We are that one place to integrate all aspects
    of your being into something beautiful.
    Beauty .  Body  .  Balance

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