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 Who makes Hagoyah

 hagoyah has dynamic team of awesomeness  

We proudly employ some of the city’s most passionate yoga instructors,highly trained stylists, massage & skin-care therapists. 

Together, we harmonize hair artistry, holistic beauty, exceptional guest service in a super friendly and relaxing atmosphere




Ali Owen

Ali Owen has been with us since day one!!!

Ali is very down to earth and a real genuine kind of girl.  She is extremely talented in highlights and has a reputation for creating Legendary Blonde-Bombshells!  She is also really great with formal styling and exceptionally good at reading people.  

She is passionate about helping to mend broken lives and making people feel better and be better.  She loves spending her time with family and volunteering at an orphanage in Haiti through Samaritans Purse.  She has gone there over three times in the past 5 years! 

Her first experience with Yoga was with us, and after just a few years of consistent practice she is able to rock postures, like a hard-core Yogi.  She loves the way her body and mind feels fresh and open after practice.


Rikki Jubell

Rikki is like that one solid bestie who can’t help but to keep it real, open and from a place of love.  She is naturally very creative and is always finding inspiration through her fellow humans.  She is brilliant with color and finishing, and has a knack for creating that perfect polished look for any occasion.  

She is a true PROFESSIONAL when it comes to executing an amazing style but also an amazing experience.  

Rikki provides a wonderful presence at Hagoyah.  She is a born leader, just beginning to pave the way for many great things to come.  When she’s not sharing her talents at Hagoyah, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her daughter Anna. 

Rikki first starting practicing Yoga at Hagoyah.  She loves the new experience, the challenge and is looking forward to a life long practice.  


Savanna Howland

Savanna has many dynamic skills as a stylist.  She is the Regional Color Coordinator for John Paul Mitchell Systems and is able to bless us with her talents once a month.  When she is not traveling across the country or educating other stylists, she is an extremely talented artist.  She is constantly inspired by music, nature, people and love.  She is passionate about working with Military families, disabled children and learning new things. Working with Paul Mitchell, she fell in love the culture, education, and leadership behind Paul Mitchell, and of course all the amazing products! 

Savanna is a extraordinary leader and brilliant stylist.  She is a newly wed and creating a much needed balance and is only able to take on color guests once a month.

She loves her Yoga practice as it gives her time to check out from always being creative and to just be.


Michaela Bissonnette

Michaela comes to us with much experience being not only in being a Daymaker, but with a keen eye for detail in her styling.  

She is a natural leader and knows her way around a head of hair!  She’s passionate about cutting and coloring and helping people look and feel their best.  

This soft spoken hot-momma (YEP, she made a human, his name is Elijah) is great at giving style with knowledge so you are empowered to recreate whatever kind of look you need for any occasion!

Michaela’s first Yoga experience was a a young age, she found it to be invigorating but strayed away from practice.  She was happy to find a job that brought her back to the asanas.  She loves the ability to connect with body, mind and spirit at the same place she works!  


Megan Nelson

Megan found Hagoyah looking for a Yoga studio in the Waldo area.  She had no idea that she would find her tribe of Changemakers within the beauty industry.  It was love at first sight for all of us.  

She is an expert it balayage coloring, and loves formal styling.  She loves the creative challenge within ever-changing beauty industry and the opportunity to genuinely care for others and help them be their best version of themselves.  

Megan has been practicing yoga for over 4 years and dreams of becoming a Yoga Instructor to share her love of the practice. 


Holly Williams

Lead Style Guru

Holly is a living legend in the artistry of hair!  She has always had a naturally keen eye for beauty within hair and people (inside and out).  She is natural sculptor in creating formal looks, and a brilliant colorist.  She is not only a legend “behind the chair,” she is also a very famous John Paul Mitchell Systems National Educator.  Which means she travels the world sharing her talent to other salons.  So, if you want to book with her, be prepared to make an investment, and to make time, as she really is famous and oh-so-way-cool and charming!




Skin-Care Therapist and Massage Therapist


Madelyn Raines – Skin Care

Maddie has always dreamed of being an Esthetician and Make-Up Artist.  She has a naturally peaceful energy and is very driven in growing her knowledge in everything to do with natural, plant-based skin-care.  She loves the feeling of seeing her clients eyes light up in the mirror after she has given a service.  Maddie is a great listener and a true genius in her field. 


Micaela Finlayson Massage Therapist

Micalea has been in the massage and spa industry for over 10 years.  She is one of the most sought after massage therapist in the city, specializing in deep tissue and sports medicine.  Not only can she work out all the hard-core kinks with “us folks” who play hard, she is also wonderful in treating aliments related to pregnancy and loves pre-natal massage.  

(Not only is she beautiful, she is a super-mom, of all boys!  #yaysupermoms) 


Elena Harvey Massage Therapist

Elena is one of the most magical people you could ever meet.  Born in Colombia (the country, not the city) and raised in Kansas, she is very well rounded and open as a massage therapist and natural healer.  She is an active dancer and that is where she found her love for massage therapy, as it helped her personally and professionally.  Her Aunt, is a sought after “Guru” in the art of Lomi-Lomi-Massage.  Elena finally received her certification (ASAP) for Massage therapy in 2013, and has apprenticed with her aunt since 2010 in the art of Lomi-Lomi.  She is a passionate dancer, and gives back to the community through teaching dance lessons to children.

More about Lomi-Lomi?

Lomi-Lomi originated in Hawaii; It is a restorative massage practice using choreographed breath and movement techniques creating a healing dance between mind, body and spirit.  


Liz Martin – Liz is a passionate and intuitive healer. She has been a Board Certified Massage Therapist for 12 years as well as a Reiki Master. She found her true calling in Thai massage and traveled to Thailand to study the art of Thai Yoga Massage. Her style incorporates Eastern and Western practices to form a unique and deeply relaxing therapeutic experience. 


Yoga Instructors

 Annamarie Weddle

Annamarie has been practicing yoga since 2009, and she feels blessed to have discovered a wholesome activity that contributes to mind, body, and spiritual health. A love for people and sharing her new passion is what drove Annamarie to guide others on their own yogic journey!  Her personal emphasis in class is on intention, and stress relief, providing a basis for a fulfilling and holistic practice, and encouraging the very personal journey of yoga practice that we receive even in a class full of others.  Along with yoga, Annamarie enjoys music, rock climbing, and trying new things! Come join us and learn how yoga practice can help you connect with yourself and others.


Katie Jones

Katie specializes in a mindful practice of strengthening and stretching, giving practitioners a space to deepen their self awareness and strength needed on and off the mat. Her all-levels yoga incorporates hatha flow, meditation, and sometimes partner assists or thai massage. Katie also teaches vinyasa, restorative, yin, & family classes throughout Kansas City.


Grace Duckworth 

Grace found yoga on accident as she explored the depths of physical activity in relation to mental health. On her journey of discovery she decided that yoga was the path for her.Through her own personal studies and in depth training at the Shoshoni Yoga Ashram, in Rollinsville Colorado, Grace has gained the knowledge to create a style of teaching that is unique to the Kansas City area. By blending tradition with modern science you can expect a disciplined practice that has been designed for the typical American body – tired, stiff and sore – that will challenge both body and mind equally.


Danika Hanson

Danika began practicing yoga in Colorado in 2006, but her passion for it bloomed in Kansas City in 2009. Her yoga teacher planted the seed of becoming a yoga teacher and Danika attended yoga teacher training in 2011. Initially her practice focused on the physical aspects of yoga asanas, but with more practice a deeper search for spirituality and serenity came.   Danika has found an energetic appreciation for meditation and the benefits it brings to her life, on and off of, her yoga mat.  Because of this, she likes to incorporate this in her yoga classes, wanting her students to find their own Inner Light.  She hopes her students challenge themselves in their yoga practice while at the same time relax and have fun!   Danika is grateful to be included in Kansas City’s beautiful yoga community.


Sedona Alvarez

Sedona teaches real yoga for real people.  She received her 200 hr RYT in the Spring of 2013 through LifePower Yoga.  With roots in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, she leads classes of all types to all levels of practitioners.  Her main focus as a teacher is not to instruct, but to guide.  Known for her creative classes that encourage exploration, she will teach you to lighten up in all areas of life.  She urges you to come as you are, learn, laugh, play and evolve.


Heather Rama

Heather comes to us with a refreshing approach to practicing yoga.  She keeps things light, but takes anatomy and Yoga Therapy to the next level.  More details about this GEM of an instructor coming soon! 


Life Coach

Annalisa Gramlich, MS, MA, LPC, RYT-200

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” C.G. Jung

Annalisa is an education research psychologist, licensed professional counselor, and registered yoga teacher.  She has Master’s degrees in Education Research and Psychology and Counseling Psychology from UMKC.  She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Om Prana Yoga Studio in Parkville, Missouri.  Annalisa offers counseling, life coaching and movement therapy using yoga practices.  Her philosophy is holistic and she believes it is important to examine each part of life because she truly believes everything is connected when it concerns mental, emotional, and physical suffering and pain.  Annalisa feels truly grateful to be doing this work and believes her purpose in this life is to assist others on their journeys to self-discovery and healing. 

Annalisa offers a free 30 minute consultation to determine if she is a good fit for you and a sliding fee scale depending on your budget.  She enjoys working with individual children and adults of all ages and has experience doing coaching in a variety of settings.  Her coaching style is interactive which means that she will be an active participant in the process by providing you with tools, materials, etc. to enhance your growth.  Ultimately, she sees her role as a guide and that you have the answers you are seeking—her job is to help you find them.  

You can reach Annalisa via e-mail at or by phone at 816.916.9642


Creative Coordinator 

Marisa Bode

We’re not sure how we could have ever lived without Marisa!  Her attention for detail keeps all of us creative people in check!  She comes to us as a transplant from outside the beauty industry.  Marisa has been a Yogini and wellness junkie for years.  She is true trail blazer, good ol’ fashioned weirdo and somewhat of a Waldo Celebrity/Ambassador for our city and Yelp Elite.  

She is passionate about advocating for others She is on the board of MOSH Pit (Midwest Organizations Saving & Helping Pits) and a member of Best Friends Animal Society.  She loves being a part of the magic inside of beauty industry where you can actually make people FEEL better almost instantly! 

Owner & Holistic Beauty Guru 

Angela Cronk is a Kansas City native, but she’s always been an explorer. After finishing Cosmetology school in Arizona, she worked for Paul Mitchell corporate in California, earning several promotions and ending up in Philadelphia. Eventually, she returned home and went behind the chair for the Paul Mitchell salon. But Angela, 33, already had bigger plans. 

“I’d been practicing yoga since 1999, and I finally got certified as an instructor,” she recalls. “Meanwhile, I was also working in the beauty industry, and I had an idea: what if I could combine inner beauty with salon services?”

That idea would soon become Hagoyah, Kansas City’s destination for holistic beauty. Offering massage, energy healing, facials, a Paul Mitchell salon, and affordable yoga classes at all levels, Hagoyah aims to promote beauty from within and be “a day maker,” as Angela puts it, for clients across the Metro.

“I remember when my grandmother used to visit the salon once a week,” she explains. “It was a way of treating herself, and connecting with other women. I wanted to remake this ritual in a body-mind-spirit model for the 21st century.

A hippie with a day planner, a sharp instinct and even sharper moral compass. Angela brilliantly  handles the yin and yang of running an efficient business, creating a space of love for everyone who enters (staff and guests). She wears black-rimmed spectacles, youthful braids, and earthy dresses; but it’s her confidence that’s perhaps the best billboard for Hagoyah’s holistic beauty aesthetic.

“Looking good starts with feeling your best, and (for me, and others, I am sure..) yoga is the best way to tap into your inner best and inner beauty.” declares Angela. “Beauty comes from within, for sure.”


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