How to get the BEST ponytail EVER!

1. Hair with texture works best!        

Try using Paul Mitchell Worked Up

It provides workable polymers, boost shine and reduces static!  

2. Knowing where to place your ponytail is KEY! 

Depending on whether you would rather show off you check bones (high ponytail!) or neck/jaw line (low ponytail!) will help you decide what ponytail is  Best for you!!

3. FULL Ponytials are where it’s at!




We all love the appearance of a nice thick ponytail. Using your Paul Mitchell Tease Brush start back combing at the crown of your ponytail, once you reached desired fullness, use the Paul Mitchell 413 to gently smooth over the backcomb. 



4. Don’t forget about the Smooth and Sleek ponytail!

These ponytails are timeless and classic. Start by gathering your hair in ponytail. Using the Paul Mitchell 427, iron out any bumps and/or flyaway. Finish off the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray for the perfect hair spray to secure any hair, resist humidity and add shine!



5. And finally, drum roll please….. The Messy Ponytail

Start by teasing hair before gathering it in a ponytail. I always like to enhance the “messy-ness” with Spray Wax because it gives the hair a bendable texture with a satin finish. Gather hair slowly, section by section without using a brush, helping ensure that messy ponytail. Using a brush will make it to sleek!  Once it is secure, if you want backcomb just a little more, feel free! 


Hope you enjoy these stylish new do’s! 🙂

Marula Oil




Would you be interested in 80% more shine, 80% reduction of split ends, and an overall 80% improved condition of your hair?  

We thought so!  Our BRAND new Marula Oil is NOW in!!

Packed full with powerful antioxidants and replenishing oleic acids this AMAZING formula is ideal for hair & skin, especially dry, dull, damaged, thick, coarse, unruly hair types!  Marula Oil has 50% more protective antioxidants that Argan Oil (this includes Moroccan oil!)

What’s great about our claims is that they are substantiated by a third party chemistry lab.  This means the results have been scientifically proven and documented to the point where they could hold up in court! We think that’s pretty cool! 

Our Marula fruit is wild harvested by African Women’s collectives who are educated on safe practices, provided traceability training and paid fair trade wages.  Our Marula Oil helps create a sustainable economy for women and their families.            

Just another reason we LOVE Paul Mitchell!!





The collection includes:

Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner, Rare Oil Intensive Masque, Marula Oil Treatment, and Light Treatment for finer textures. 

Call now or click HERE to book your Special Wash House treatment and Style using our new Marula collection!  816.301.4411